Baby Reveal Parties, Baby Showers & Christenings

We can make any baby event special for you and your family...

Discovering the gender of your unborn baby can be a real joy, but why not make it exciting too ! Simply, when the mum-to-be has a sonar to reveal the gender of the baby she tells the doctor not to tell her the sex of the baby but to write it down on a paper and seal it in an envelope with both parents not allowed to peek! Then mum-to-be gives us the paper and we bake either a blue or pink sponge cake covered in white icing. When all the friends and family are gathered, the cake is cut to reveal the gender of the baby to the new parents and all their loved ones. Its all that bit more special than receiving the news in a doctor’s surgery or passing on the news simply by phone. Catering and themed decoration make it a truly memorable experience.

Celebrating your little one’s imminent arrival with friends and family with a choice of themes, decoration and catering.